Breaking Free

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I had been looking forward to Saturday for a long time. Just before I left home for twelve days in Ottawa, I traded off my motorcycle and upgraded into something a bit newer and with less risk of a costly repair. My new bike needed some customizing and so I left it at the dealer to be cared for while I was away.

Saturday dawned bright and clear, which was perfect because I planned to bring my motorcycle home from the dealership and spend the day riding. On the way to the dealership, I stopped to pick up a temporary operating permit at ICBC. While the agent was processing the paperwork, a friend (another motorcyclist) I haven’t seen for a long time smiled and waved from the lineup.

When I finished my business, I stopped to say hello and catch up. While we chatted, my friend told me that he had just completed six weeks in a treatment centre. While I knew that he had been through a difficult time personally, I didn’t realize that addiction was part of his battle. I’m hardly an expert, but I know that addiction (in any of its insidious forms) destroys lives, relationships, homes, careers and the list goes on and on. My heart aches for those caught in the snare and celebrates everyone and anyone with the courage to admit they have a problem and seek help!

A few hours after I chatted with my friend, I saw a ‘preacher quote’ come through on my Facebook feed that said something like this.

‘The Loudest Shout Comes From The Person Who Has Just Been Set Free!’

My friend is shouting loudly right now, and I couldn’t be happier for him!

You might be reading this and dealing with your secret (or maybe not so secret) battle that is consuming your life. My friend is not the exception to the rule. I’m telling you his story with the hope of inspiring you to break free of the chains that have trapped you. While I don’t know the whole story quite yet, I do know that he made at least three critical choices.

He ACKNOWLEDGED he had a problem.

He BELIEVED that he could see a better day if he sought help.

He COMMITTED to getting help and finding the freedom that he was born to enjoy.

He DARED to follow through!

You can do this! I know you can!


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